10 Questions To Ask Your Doctor About Diabetes

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When you have diabetes, you might get concerned and your mind might be bombarded with various questions regarding your condition. Various information on the internet may cause confusions and there are high chances that you can misinterpret them. That is why during your regular check-up or consultation, you need to ask the right questions to your doctor.

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  1. When I’m at home should I constantly check my glucose level? And how often should it be done?
  2. What are the warning signs and symptoms if my glucose is too high? What should I do if the level is too high?
  3. What are the warning signs and symptoms if my glucose is too Low? What should I do if the level is too Low?
  4. Are there any possible complications or side effects due to the medications?
  5. How do you evaluate the effectiveness of the medications given?
  6. Will I always need to depend on medications every day?
  7. What are the usual complications of diabetes, if the high sugar level continues?
  8. How often do I need to get consultation for diabetes management?
  9. What are the lifestyle changes or diet tips that I can practice at home to manage my glucose level?
  10. What other factors such as high cholesterol and blood pressure affect me if I have diabetes?

By asking the right questions that might help you to improve your life, it also may help doctors to diagnose and give the right treatment to you. You are an important person that knows about yourself, so don’t be afraid to ask questions to your doctor for your next consultation.


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