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Is The Blood Sugar Control Programme Fake?

Blood sugar control programmes have been blooming for the past few years. They offer many promises, prominent among them is that they can reduce and cure their diabetes, but how can this be true? Can diabetes be controlled by changing to a healthy lifestyle? Diet plays a significant role in managing diabetes as the source of glucose comes from the food itself. Therefore, eating less sugary foods, fewer carbohydrates and other foods that trigger the level of blood glucose is one of the ways to manage your blood sugar level. According to the CDC(Centers for Disease Control & Prevention), you […]

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3 Common Warning signs on the skin in Diabetes

For diabetics, it is important for you to be alert with all of the warning signs if your conditions are prolonged. Many untreated diabetics do not monitor their blood sugar level until the condition has worsened. Blood sugar level cannot be seen by the naked eye, and you need to monitor it by using glucometer. When the level of glucose is consistently high for a very long time, diabetics might experience few warning signs on the skin. Diabetes rash is the term used to describe the warning signs on the skin. For people that have diabetes, they tend to have […]

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Have Diabetes? You Need to Know the ABCs

A long and healthy life starts with taking control of your diabetes. Understanding your diabetes ABCs will assist you in managing your health condition. Working toward your ABCs targets can help reduce your risk of heart attack, stroke, or other diabetes complications. A = A1C test Monitoring your blood glucose levels at home between doctor visits lets you know if your actions are effective in controlling your blood sugar levels. The A1C test assesses blood glucose control over the preceding 2-3 months. The target for most diabetics is less than 7%, but even lower levels reduce the risk of complications. […]

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Why Do We Need to Monitor Our Blood Sugar Level?

Blood sugar monitoring is important for people with diabetes. It can help you feel better and avoid long-term complications. The body needs the right amount of glucose and insulin to function properly. When there is too much or too little, your health will suffer. You may always feel tired, gain weight rapidly, and have mood swings that easily make you angry. Properly monitoring your blood sugar will lower your risk of heart disease, stroke, and other diabetes-related problems. Monitoring blood sugar levels can help you determine whether you are meeting your glucose targets. It can overcome the unpleasant symptoms of […]

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Truth or Myth: Sugar alternative is completely safe for diabetics

There is so much controversy regarding artificial sweeteners or sugar substitutes among people. It has become a long-term debate among people, especially those with diabetes, due to their concern about food intake. To satisfy your sweet-tooth cravings, this article will help you clear some sugar alternatives misunderstandings. Myth: All sugar is bad for you Eating less sugar can be great if you’re talking about ‘added sugar’. Added sugar is very different from sugars in your food, and added sugar is when you add more sugar to make it more sweetened. For example, you add sugar to your cookie dough or […]

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Nine Tips Before Buying Your Own Glucometer

Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose level is essential for your Diabetes management. It is a hassle if you need to check your glucose level every day at your local clinics or hospital. Luckily, technology has brought the Glucometer to be commercialized for public use. It would be best if you bought a Glucometer for this. A glucometer is a device that can measure your glucose level from one drop of blood. People with diabetes Type 1 and 2 use this device for monitoring. Before you buy a glucometer, you need to remember these nine tips: It should have an easy-to-read display that […]

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10 Questions To Ask Your Doctor About Diabetes

When you have diabetes, you might get concerned and your mind might be bombarded with various questions regarding your condition. Various information on the internet may cause confusions and there are high chances that you can misinterpret them. That is why during your regular check-up or consultation, you need to ask the right questions to your doctor. When I’m at home should I constantly check my glucose level? And how often should it be done? What are the warning signs and symptoms if my glucose is too high? What should I do if the level is too high? What are […]

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Diabetes Mellitus in Malaysia

Malaysia is among the current developing Asian countries with diversity of cultures and society. The diversity causes the creation of various foods and delicacies which are high in calories. This condition has led to unhealthy eating patterns among people in Malaysia. What is diabetes mellitus (DM)? In DM, there is too much glucose (sugar) in the blood as a result of insufficient or ineffective insulin. It is caused by the deficiency in the hormone insulin, which is made by the pancreas. By facilitating the transfer of glucose from the bloodstream into the body’s cells, insulin regulates the level of glucose […]

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All You Need To Know: Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Do you know about diabetic ketoacidosis? The potentially life threatening condition known as diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) affects patients with diabetes. It happens when the body begins to break down fat at an excessively rapid rate. The fat is converted by the liver into substance called ketones, which makes the blood acidic. According to patient profiles from a 2015 study, the incidence rate of DKA for Malaysia’s multi-ethnic diabetes community was estimated to be 5.47% (54.7 per 1000 diabetic admissions). But what actually happens to the person who has this condition? When the body breaks down fat after a lengthy period […]

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What You Need to Know About Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetic neuropathy is a medical condition where the nerves are damaged due to a diabetics’ long term elevated blood sugar levels. The longer the person has diabetes, the higher the risk of developing diabetic neuropathy, which affects up to 50% of people with the diabetes. Cause The exact cause of diabetic neuropathy is still unknown. Researchers suggested that uncontrolled high blood sugar damages nerves and impairs their ability to transmit signals, resulting in this condition. High blood sugar also weakens the walls of the small blood vessels (capillaries) that supply oxygen and nutrients to the nerves. Symptoms In some patients, […]

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