Let’s Stay Safe During The Rainy Season

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Heavy rain is a common weather condition in Malaysia. Constant heavy downpours in the past have caused massive destruction to the country. However, what is crucial is to be prepared for it.

Rain drops on car glass
Drive cautiously during rain pour to avoid car accidents

A heavy rain can cause serious harm if you don’t take proper precautions. For example, heavy rain can cause accidents- such as getting hit by a car or getting injured while working in a garden- as well as damage your property. Additionally, if you can, remain inside during a downpour. Keep your windows closed to prevent insects from entering your home through the wind currents of a storm. The same is true for the door; make sure it is tightly closed when you are not in the room. Depending on the severity of the rain, you may also need to cover your head and body when outside to avoid injury from falling items or other dangerous elements dispersed by the wind currents of the rain.

Family crossing a road on rainy day
Wear an umbrella and raincoats when going outside during rain

There are few possibilities for outdoor activity during a rainstorm. The safest choice is to avoid any outdoor activities during or immediately following a rainstorm. Wait till the rain has ceased before going outside. If you must go outside during severe rain, keep the following safety precautions in mind: constantly keep an eye on the weather and organize your actions carefully. Avoid walking or sprinting across puddles or beside streams since both represent severe hazards of injury due to water immersion and shock.

Hiking man with backpack and tablet enjoying at view
Always check on weather updates when doing outside activities

Keep an eye on the clouds and sky above you at all times while hiking or camping. Listen to weather updates, storm/hurricane/typhoon warnings specific to your locality and share it with all your family friends for necessary actions. Seek refuge quickly if there are any signs of precipitation, such as clouds or mist. Always notify someone of your whereabouts and expected return time. And never venture out on your own until you are totally certain of what you are doing and how to securely return home after your adventure.


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