Here’s How to Get Yourself Exercising Regularly

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You might believe that you’ll never be the kind of person who exercises frequently. You’ve also tried and followed a fitness plan in the past but none of that seems to work for you. Or that you’ll never manage to fit in any exercise at all. But it is possible to develop an exercise routine. Here are some helpful hints that can make you exercise more.

Choose your activities

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You might think exercise is just doing boring cardio every morning. However, it does not sound that cliche at all. Explore activities that suit your personality. For example, list out all activities that you wanted to do and the environments that you like to be in. Some people choose their activity based on their capabilities and others might need to have a consultation with a doctor for suggestions if they have any chronic diseases.

Your fitness regimen should fit your personality and way of life. To keep you interested, you can even select activities based on your hobbies. You’re more likely to develop a habit of exercising if you enjoy doing it. Additionally, try to switch up your workouts frequently to avoid you getting bored.

Choose your time

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Are you a busy person that stays in the office most of the time? Or are you a busy parent taking care of your young kids? No worries, you can set your time according to your comfort. Whether it’s early in the morning after you get up or after you finish your work shift, you can still manage to get at least 30 minutes per day to exercise. Time management is very important, do not skip getting healthy.

If you don’t specify a time, you run the risk of delaying exercise until you’re more enthusiastic or less worn out. And the more frequently you do this, the more challenging it will be to make working out a habit. Why not make your regular journey to work more active?

Step by step

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Some people may be very enthusiastic to exercise, but they are forcing themselves to the extreme. Your body might not be used to consistent exercise when you initially try to make exercise a daily habit. Don’t push yourself too hard because doing so could result in injury, and exhaustion and cause you to be agitated about the new routine.

Instead, do it slowly step by step. For example, exercise for 15 minutes in your first week and increase the time to 30 minutes when your body feels that 15 minutes is not enough for you. Other than that, you can strive to complete 15 to 20 minutes of moderate cardiovascular exercise each day, such as riding a bicycle or walking.

Track your progress

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Most of us get excited about exercising but forget to track our progress each week. This step will allow you to monitor your achievement so far and this can boost your mood and energy by looking at how far all your efforts that you’ve put in. Since most of us have a smartphone, why not try to utilize any health track app that is available?

You can monitor your progress as well as your diet and the app might also suggest your next goal of burning calories or your walking distance.

Treat yourself

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Do you ever treat yourself with something after you achieve your exercise goals? If not then you should include this tip under your list. You can either buy new gym shoes or any exercise clothing that might interest you to get working out or you can also invest in buying home workout equipment for yourself.

Adding sounds or workout video

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If you’re a home buddy, you may include some of the interesting workout videos on YouTube to accompany your daily workout. This will lead you to explore a new workout routine and not get bored. Additionally, you can play your favorite songs or make a song playlist that you like for you to exercise.

Sign up for a fitness course

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Last resort, if you have a really busy schedule but you still want to get fit, try to sign up for any fitness course at the nearby gym or online course. Since you need to pay for the course, there will be fewer chances for you to skip your workout.

In conclusion, taking care of your body by doing exercise is important to make sure you stay healthy. Remember not to be hard on yourself, take your time and manage the workout routine that is suitable for you. Make sure you consult with the doctor if you have any chronic disease before you start with any exercise.


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