Traveling for your pilgrimage soon? Stay fit and healthy with these tips!

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The number of pilgrims making the holy trip has been significantly reduced over the previous two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing global travel bans, but the situation is gradually returning to normal.

Millions of Devout Muslims perform the Hajj pilgrimage every year, and it is necessary to remain fit and strong throughout the strenuous journey. Certain health & safety precautions must be followed throughout Hajj in order to maintain energy and physical strength. After all, it is once in a lifetime opportunity.

Due to the great distances that must be covered during the Hajj and the fact that pilgrims from all over the world gather in one location to perform their religious duty, sporadic outbreaks of different illnesses and infections among the pilgrims are somewhat of a typical occurrence.

Here are some key tips for you to maintain your health while on your pilgrimage.

Always stay hydrated

Drinking lots of water is always the greatest step in taking care of your health.  You should aim for 8 to 10 glasses of water each day because hot weather and exercise both increase your body’s water needs.

When in doubt, throw it out

The safest way to prevent food poisoning during Hajj is to exercise caution when eating. Avoid eating veggies that smell off-putting or chicken that is still a touch pink in color. Instead, as it has a longer shelf life and is typically safer to eat while traveling, you can eat packaged and tinned food.

Frequently wash and sanitize your hands

When should you wash your hands? Before and after certain activities like eating, going to the toilet, and after using the restroom. Since restrooms might not always be accessible, it is a good idea to carry small bottles of hand sanitizer throughout your pilgrimage.

Avoid shaking hands or hugging

Direct contact with others is an easy way for you to get infections. You must restrain yourself from hugging, kissing on the cheeks, or shaking hands when greeting other pilgrims.

Move at your own pace

Keep in mind not to overdo it. Walk slowly and stop for a rest when you need to.

Dr Awam

Dr Awam

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