How To Maintain Your Weight This Christmas? Follow Our 5 Tips

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Ho~ Ho~ Ho~ Christmas holiday is here! Imagine having a fancy feast with your family and celebrating together. It is hard to stop eating too much and gaining weight afterwards. Losing weight is much harder than gaining. At least we can maintain weight without struggling after Christmas, but how? Here are the tips to help you during the holidays:

Be Caution with your portion

Don’t be greedy. Never stack your plate with a lot of food; think twice before taking the food into your plate. Or think about sharing with other people. If you don’t control your portion, who will? It would be best if you were consistent and only ate what you needed.

Choose your drink wisely

What will accompany the food? Yes, your drink. Avoid drinking soda drinks or other sweet drinks. Please choose at least a calorie-free drink, or to make it better, choose water instead. Other than that, try to limit alcohol as much as possible. Unfortunately, alcohol will stop your body from burning fat. It’s high in kilojoules, can make you feel hungry, and can lead to cravings for salty and greasy foods.

Plan your events

Having so many celebration events? No worries, you can plan your calories ahead. Maybe eat a simple meal only before you go to the event. If the event is at night, try to eat a healthy and simple breakfast and lunch so that you can stay at the calorie value that only your body needs.

Choose Healthy choices instead

Are you planning your own holiday celebration party? How about trying to cook or choose healthy food to substitute unhealthy food. Choose food or dessert that has good nutritional value. Try new recipes such as high-protein cookies or bars. Don’t forget to add your fresh fruit to the party.

Do Light exercises

After the party, how about doing light exercise at home instead of watching TV and sleeping. You can walk around the house for a few minutes or do a 7-minute simple workout that consists of sit-ups, crunches, planks or lunges.

In conclusion, it’s not hard to maintain your weight. The holiday season is not an excuse for you to binge in eating. Remember to stay healthy and not be hard on yourself by skipping meals.


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