Truth or Myth: Once you start Insulin, it’s the start of lifelong injections

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Doctors recommend Insulin injections to Type 1 Diabetics and to those long-standing Type 2 Diabetics who may fail to respond to oral medications. Dependency on insulin injection has been a debate among people on social media. People are afraid to use insulin injections due to fear of pain and dependency on it. Discussions regarding this issue are not so widely publicized, leaving people to wonder about the importance of using insulin injection.

Why do you need insulin?

For Diabetics with type 1 diabetes, there is no exception for you for not taking insulin because your body cannot produce insulin.

For Diabetics with type 2 diabetes, the doctor may prescribe you insulin injection when oral medication and lifestyle changes fail to control your glucose level.

Myth: Once I start taking insulin injection, I need to depend on it forever

Truth: Diabetics pancreas still can produce a low level of insulin, but the level of insulin will never work properly because of high blood sugar levels.

In this condition, diabetes patients might use insulin for several weeks to reduce glucose and help the pancreas to function. Once the pancreas can produce enough insulin to support your body, insulin injection can be stopped, and you can continue with diabetes oral medication.

Myth: Diabetic patients need to continue using insulin injection after acute illness.

Truth: For Diabetics experiencing acute illness, doctors might prescribe insulin injections. When the blood sugar level is high during this condition, the demand for insulin is greater than the pancreas can produce. That is why you need insulin injection to support you. After the illness is cured, you can revert to oral medicines.

In certain conditions, you might need insulin injection for some time. However, it still depends on your severity. If your condition is severe, insulin injection for a more extended period might be necessary. Always consult your doctor regarding the dose and the time frame of the injection. Self-monitoring Blood Glucose is most important to realize the efficacy of the treatment.


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