Health Screening in Awam Clinic: Promoting Wellness

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Taking proactive measures to prioritise your health is critical for general well-being. We believe in the potential of preventive treatment through health screenings at Awam Clinic. This blog post will examine the importance of adult health screenings and how they can help promote well-being. Our clinic is committed to offering thorough screenings to help you live a healthy and joyful life, from early detection through personalised care.

Measurement of Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a quiet but deadly condition that can lead to heart disease and other consequences. We can monitor your blood pressure readings and assist in maintaining a healthy range or initiate appropriate therapy, if necessary, through regular blood pressure checks at Awam Clinic.

Cholesterol and Lipid Profile Testing

High cholesterol levels are linked to increased heart disease and stroke risk. Our clinic provides cholesterol and lipid profile testing to determine your cardiovascular health and cholesterol levels. Based on the results, our healthcare specialists can make dietary and lifestyle suggestions or, if necessary, prescribe drugs.

Blood Glucose Screening

Diabetes is a significant public health concern worldwide. We can evaluate your blood sugar levels and detect early indicators of diabetes or reduced glucose tolerance with blood glucose screenings. Our clinic offers blood sugar management counselling, lifestyle changes, and referrals to specialists for further evaluation if necessary.

Cancer Screening

Cancer screenings are essential for discovering cancer early when therapy is most successful. Awam Clinic provides cancer screenings such as breast, cervical, and colorectal cancer screenings. These screenings can aid in detecting anomalies or symptoms of cancer, allowing for earlier intervention and better treatment outcomes.

Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculation

Maintaining a healthy weight is critical for general health. Our healthcare professionals can check your weight status and discuss appropriate weight control techniques using BMI evaluations. This screening provides valuable information about your body composition. It aids in the identification of potential dangers connected with excess weight.

Get Your Health Screened Today!

Prioritising your health through frequent health checks is a proactive way to improve wellness. At Awam Clinic, we provide a wide range of health screenings dedicated to adults, assuring comprehensive evaluations and personalised care. We can build successful treatment strategies and support your road to a healthy and fulfilled life by spotting potential health conditions early on. Schedule your health test at Awam Clinic today here and invest in your health. Remember, prevention is the key to good health!

Dr Awam

Dr Awam

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All credits goes to Awam Clinic health promotion team.

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