6 Common Illnesses Treated at Awam Clinic

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Regarding our health, having access to dependable healthcare providers that can manage common illnesses quickly is critical. At Awam Clinic, we realise the necessity of providing our patients with immediate medical attention. In this blog article, we’ll highlight six common illnesses we commonly treat at our clinic to ensure you’re aware of our high-quality care.

The Common Cold: The common cold, well, it’s relatively common! The symptoms can be depressing, ranging from sneezing and coughing to a runny nose and sore throat. Our skilled medical specialists can analyse your condition, prescribe suitable therapies, and suggest effective home remedies to help you recover quickly.

Influenza (Flu): Influenza is far more than a horrible cold. It can result in severe symptoms such as high fever, muscle pains, tiredness, and respiratory distress. If you believe you have the flu, our clinic can provide quick diagnostic tests and antiviral drugs to alleviate symptoms and avoid complications.

Allergies: The tropical environment of Malaysia can cause allergies, resulting in nasal congestion, itchy eyes, and skin rashes. Our clinic can assist you in identifying the allergens causing your discomfort and provide allergy tests, antihistamines, and other personalised therapies to manage your symptoms properly.

Skin Infections: Whether you have a rash, a fungal infection, or a tiny lesion, our clinic can diagnose and treat a wide range of skin infections. We provide specialised care, including wound cleaning, suturing, and pharmaceutical prescriptions to promote healing.

Stomach Upsets: Digestive disorders such as diarrhoea, vomiting, and stomach pains can bother your regular life. Our medical professionals can diagnose the source of your discomfort, offer dietary changes, and prescribe medications to alleviate symptoms and restore your digestive health.

Sprains and Strains: Accidents happen, and when they do, sprains and strains must be treated right away. Our clinic can assess the extent of your injury, provide pain medication, provide supportive measures, and send you to specialists if additional treatment or rehabilitation is required.

We strive to provide comprehensive care for various common ailments and health concerns at Awam Clinic. Our skilled doctors are committed to quickly diagnosing and treating patients, with your health as our main concern. If you or a loved one requires immediate medical assistance, we are here to provide compassionate and competent care. Visit our clinic today to see the difference for yourself, click here to see where we are!

Dr Awam

Dr Awam

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